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10 things you should know before getting a dog

Dogs are amazing. They are man's best friend and we share almost every aspect of our human lives with them, from work to society.

However, bringing a dog into your home is a big commitment and not a decision to be taken lightly. Take a look at your local animal shelter to see what happens when people buy a dog on a whim or without research. The number of dogs that have become homeless is shocking. Around 80,000 (!) dogs come to the animal shelter every year – in Germany alone!

If you are thinking about having a dog in your life, you should think carefully about the following things beforehand.

1. Find out in advance about different dog breeds

Before you decide on the first dog you see, it is important that you do some research about the breed of dog. You need to find the right breed for your lifestyle and environment. You need to consider the size of your home, your area (city or country) and your family structure (having young children, living alone, etc.). Every dog ​​has its own character and it's like us humans: We are different and not everyone gets along with everyone. Therefore, check carefully whether a bond develops between you and the dog early on before you let it into your life.

2. Consider the time required

Be prepared to sacrifice your time. Much like adopting a young child, adopting a puppy means you accept responsibility for a living creature whose needs often take precedence over your own. This means you may have to give this little creature more time and energy than you initially thought or than you are used to. You can't just get up at the last minute and head out for a fun weekend with friends. You must take the time to plan who will feed, walk, and take care of your dog in your absence.

3. Dogs accompany you over a long stretch of your life

The average life expectancy of a dog is 13 years. So make sure you are ready to devote yourself to your new furry friend for life. That means you need to love your pet after the puppy stage, through their perky, energetic teenage years, and then into their golden years. If you can't ensure that the dog will still have a place in your life five years from now, you should urgently refrain from buying it.

4. You are responsible for your dog's health

There is nothing more important than your dog's health and happiness, so you should know a good veterinarian in your area. There will be healthy days and medical emergencies in your dog's life that you need to keep track of. Like everyone, your dog can get sick and injure itself. That's why you need to keep track of your dog's vaccinations to ensure he stays in the best of health. That's why it's always a good idea to get health insurance to cover unexpected high costs.

5. Consider the lifetime cost

Dogs are expensive. So make sure you have the financial means to care for them from puppyhood to old age. The expenses do not end with the purchase of the animal, which usually ranges from 500 to several thousand euros. They need to go to the vet, need adequate food and water, a bed, collar, leash and other supplies to be happy. The average cost of living for a dog is around $20.000 euros, but can be higher or lower depending on the breed, size and health of your dog

6. A dog is a family member

Your dog is part of your family. Treat him like that too! He needs love and affection, and he will give it back to you tenfold.

7. Education is important (and expensive)

The dog needs a lot of training, especially if you buy it as a small puppy. There's a good chance you've had one or two toilet incidents on your carpet, and don't be surprised if you find teeth marks on your favorite pair of shoes. To avoid such bad habits, your puppy needs to be trained extensively either at a puppy school or at your home.

Alternatively, you can also visit a dog school or see a coach.

8. Pet safety for your home

Your home will change forever when your little pup moves in with you. You must "pet-proof" your home to protect your dog and furniture. Make sure toxic foods are out of your dog's reach and that things like hanging cords and vertical blinds are put away to prevent accidents. If you have expensive furniture, a blanket or throw is a good idea to protect your sofa, or you can train your dog not to jump up

9. Does the dog have to be kid-friendly?

If you have children, the idea of ​​a puppy appearing under the Christmas tree seems like a wonderful gift. However, it is important that your children get to know the dog and that the dog gets to know your children before you adopt it. There are many dogs who don't get along with young children, so it's important that they get to know each other before making a surprise purchase.

Even if you don't have children of your own, think about the importance of your dog being kid-friendly. Because you don't want to get into constant arguments with the neighbors.

10. Don't underestimate your dog's need for exercise

Dogs have a lot of energy and need daily exercise. This means that you should walk your dog at a park near you or play in the yard at least once a day. Some dogs require more exercise than others, which is important to consider when choosing a dog breed.


A dog is a wonderful animal, it is a friend for life. However, it cannot be stressed enough: it is not a toy. The dog has needs, needs love and attention and is expensive. Therefore, consider in advance whether you can do justice to the aspects mentioned above.

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