Grauer Hund liegt bei warmen Wetter am Strand mit dem Ozean im Hintergund

10 tips for your dog against the summer heat

- How to cool down your dog -

Some dogs have a really hard time in the summer. Dogs with long and dense fur in particular have difficulties with the summer temperatures. For more tips on grooming in summer, read our blog post "To shave your dog's fur or not? A guide for all dog owners“.

When it gets really nice and warm in summer, people's need to spend a lot of time outdoors increases. Long walks are on the leisure plan and of course our four-legged friends shouldn't be missing. But caution is advised, especially in summer. Dogs overheat much faster than humans because they cannot sweat. They pant off the heat. With rising temperatures and physical activity, dogs quickly reach their limits. For all water-loving four-legged friends, a dip in the sea or a lake is a welcome way to cool down. But there are also ways for dogs that are afraid of water to make the summer temperatures more bearable.

In this article we will present you with 10 tips on how you can best support your darling in the summer. We would also like to introduce you to 2 products that will help your four-legged friend through the heat. Note: We use affiliate links marked with an (*). That means we get a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. These links serve to support our blog and their use is of course voluntary. Thanks very much! =)

Tips for cooling off in summer

1. Avoid midday sun

At midday, the temperature can rise to over 25°. This is already too warm for most dogs. They start panting, doze a lot, and avoid physical activity. If you ignore these signs, heat stroke can result. So that it doesn't get that far, you should postpone the walks until the early morning or late evening. At lunchtime, lazing around is the order of the day.

2. Don't leave dogs in the car

Unfortunately, it's still common for owners to leave their dogs in the car. Even if you just want to go shopping. Better leave your dog at home. In direct sunlight, the interior heats up by one degree per minute. Temperatures of 70° are reached in a short time. From an interior temperature of 46° it becomes critical for the four-legged friends. If they remain in the car (even an open window doesn't help), this can have serious consequences.

3. Drive to the lake/ the sea

If you have the opportunity to drive to a lake or a dog beach, jumping into the water is a welcome way to cool off - not just for the dog. If you still want to keep your dog busy, try water toys.

Your dog can work out and enjoy a cool down at the same time. If your dog is a bit skeptical about water, be patient and get him used to bathing in small steps. Having an experienced canine buddy can break the ice and "taste" your canine

4. Brush long-haired dogs more often

In summer it is advisable to brush long-haired dogs and those with thick fur more often. This way more air gets to the skin and the coat stays airier overall. Regular brushing also prevents tangles and thins out the hair, so that the coat is not quite as heavy after the water bath and your dog dries faster. In this article we explain everything about grooming your four-legged friend.

5.Cool down dog

If you don't have a lake or beach nearby, a dog pool in the garden or the garden hose will do. If this isn't possible either, there are many alternatives for cooling off in specialist stores or on the internet. For example, you can buy a cooling mat for your dog. Many dogs are happy to take this opportunity and lie down on the cooling mat to sleep. Another option is to fill a Kong. This can be filled with liver sausage, quark, spreadable cheese or liver sausage. You can leave the Kong and the filling in the freezer overnight - your dog will be happy about the cool chewing fun.

6. Offer enough water

Provide sufficient water. It is best to have several bowls distributed around the house and garden so that your dog can drink water at all times and does not become dehydrated.

7. Create cool retreats

Opportunities for retreat should not only be created outside. Darkening the windows has a positive effect on the room temperature. A wet towel on your dog will also cool him down. If you have tiles in your home, e.g. in your bathroom, make them accessible for your four-legged friend. The tiles have a cooling effect similar to that of a cooling mat.

8. Detect Heatstroke

If your dog cannot escape the temperatures or is subjected to intense physical exertion, heat stroke can result. Signs of heat stroke may include:

  • Heavy panting

  • Rapid heart

  • Apathy

  • vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • A body temperature of over 40°

  • Shallow rapid breathing

If your dog shows such signs, you should act quickly. Your faithful companion needs to be gently cooled immediately. To be on the safe side, a visit to the vet is advisable.

9. Carpe Diem

Imitate your dog and spend your free time lounging around. This is best done together on the beach, by the lake or in your own garden. Adequate shade and water are still important.

10. Divide feed

Smaller feed rations can be digested better. Therefore, give your dog several smaller meals instead of one large one to make digestion less tiring.

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our selection of little helpers to cool down your darling:

Your dog will love this cooling mat!

One of the best ways to keep your dog cool indoors is with a cooling mat. It has a self-cooling effect and is particularly useful if your home does not have cool tiles. More on this here*

The perfect dog toy for cooling off and feeding!

Not only is this dog toy great for fetch and other interactive games with your pet, but it can also be filled with delicious food. Simply freeze and treat your dog to delicious and cooling fun.More on this here*

Groom dogs with a thick undercoat in summer!

The dog's fur should be brushed regularly with special hairbrushes (trimming brushes) that remove the undercoat. This thins out the undercoat and ensures air circulation. This undercoat brush* is our favourite.


The most important thing in summer is enough rest for your dog. Sufficient water and shady retreats are also essential. You can tell your dog's needs by their behavior. Observe your dog and respond to the needs of your four-legged friend. Then they can enjoy the summer together.

The links marked * are advertisements. This means we get a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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