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You should know these 5 most common diseases in your dog!

We love our dogs. And so we want them to be happy and have a fulfilling life. But we also know that the health of our loved ones can be attacked just like our own.

In the following article we will introduce you to the 5 most common diseases in dogs and also explain which symptoms are associated with these diseases. In the best-case scenario, you can spot early warning signs and get your four-legged friend treated.

General information about diseases in dogs

There are many diseases and conditions that can afflict dogs, and it's amazing how common some of them can be. The fact is that veterinary services represent the second largest category of current expenses for dog owners after pet food, according to a survey by the Federal Veterinary Association.

It is important that you take your pet's illness seriously. Again and again you hear that people use Google to get a diagnosis, both for themselves and for their animal. Under no circumstances should you rely on remote diagnoses and present your animal to a veterinarian if you have any suspicions. Because he can make a reliable diagnosis on site, which also takes into account the breed and age of the animal.

Now let's look at five of the most common diseases in dogs.

1. Cataracts

This is a major health issue, especially for older dogs. As it can severely affect their eyesight. A cataract is a clouding of the lens that prevents light from reaching the retina. This leads to impaired vision. Cataracts can develop in one or both eyes and progress slowly or rapidly, leading to visual impairment and even blindness

Signs of cataracts include a whitish, blue, or gray area in the center of the eye and changes in behavior associated with reduced vision. Because dogs can use their keen senses of hearing and smell to compensate for vision loss, it can be difficult for the pet owner to detect cataracts at an early stage

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Caution: The growths on the eye do not only appear in old age. Cataracts can also develop after trauma or be caused by disease. Cataracts in dogs can even be present at birth or develop in a puppy's first few weeks of life.

2. Arthritis

Arthritis, a general term for abnormal changes in a joint, is a regular condition in older dogs.

In fact, statistically one in five dogs will experience arthritis at some point in their lives. It is a leading cause of chronic pain in older dogs and can lead to permanent joint damage. The most commonly affected joints in dogs are the hips, knees, shoulders and elbows.

You will find that your dog is slower to get on its feet (especially in the mornings or in cooler weather) and is far less active than it used to be. It is often difficult to tell if your dog has arthritis. Even though it's very painful, your dog can hide their pain and discomfort, primarily in the early stages.

Exercise, weight control, and medication can help your dog overcome the pain of arthritis.

3. Fleas and ticks (borreliosis)

Fleas are a common parasite that almost every dog ​​gets at some point in their lives. They jump from one host to another, and your dog will usually pick them up when it comes into close contact with an infested animal.

Dogs with fleas can experience severe itching all over their body, even if they only have one flea. Scratching, pawing, and licking the bites to relieve itching can lead to inflammation, infection, and even hair loss.

Fortunately, fleas are fairly easy to get rid of with the right medication, and your local pet store has a range of products that will protect your dog from future infestations.

Ticks, however, are far more dangerous. Because the dog is the most receptive pet for a tick bite. The clinical picture can manifest itself in different ways. After an infection, the disease progresses in several phases and can lead to the death of the dog. In Germany there is a high risk of Lyme disease in dogs.

We humans have a slight reddening around the bite site after a tick bite. In dogs, however, this rarely occurs and is often difficult to detect due to the fur. Borrelia can attack and damage every organ system in the dog.

Lyme disease causes paralysis in many cases. In addition, fever, malaise and apathy as well as lameness and pain are symptoms that should definitely be clarified by a specialist doctor. In some cases, some animals suffer from severe weight loss, suffer from a shaggy coat or, in the worst case, chronic skin inflammation.

4. Broken Bones

A bone fracture, or fracture, is caused by abnormal stress on the bone, usually from a traumatic event such as being hit by a car or falling from a height. Unfortunately, broken bones are very common in dogs.

Your dog will try to be brave and not show you that he is in pain. So watch out for things like limping, lumps or bones sticking out of the skin, and whimpering or whimpering when touched.

Some fractures are relatively easy to treat, while others are extremely complex. Treatment involves surgery to realign the bones, fix the limb in place to allow the bone to heal, reduce pain, and prevent further damage.

Fractures take four to six weeks to heal. During this time, the animal's activity may be limited and physical therapy may be needed to aid in rehabilitation.

5. Cancer

Unfortunately, like us, dogs are more likely to develop cancer as they get older. Dogs can get most of the same types of cancer that we can, e.g. B. lymphoma, melanoma, breast cancer and even prostate cancer to name a few.

Skin cancer is common in dogs. Keep an eye out for any unusual lumps or spots on your dog's skin, ears, and eyes. Mast cell tumors are the most common form of skin cancer in dogs. This is because dogs have a lot of mast cells in their skin. These tumors often appear small and insignificant, and many are benign, but they can be very serious and even life-threatening

Treatment for cancer can take the form of surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment. As with all cancers, the most important thing is to detect the cancer early,

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