Getigerte Katze liegt in einem roten geflochtenen Korb, der auf einem Teppich steht

How do I find a safe cat bed for my cat?

Are you a true cat lover and want your little tiger to have a cozy and healthy place that's also sustainably produced?

Then we have a solution for you!

We care about your cat's well-being. And that's why we want your darling to have a cozy place where he feels comfortable and has the feeling of a safe retreat.

In our range we have cups that meet your needs. The cat baskets we make are woven from cotton ropes.

This results in the following advantages:

  • Avoiding microplastics.
  • Use of sustainable materials.
  • The cat rests on natural materials, which is good for its health.

The special thing about the baskets: They are hand-sewn, scratch-resistant and easy to care for because they can simply be washed in the washing machine.

In the following we would like to give you a few more important tips and tricks for purchasing a cat basket/cat bed.

You should pay attention to this when buying a cat basket/cat bed

You want your cat to be able to take a comfortable nap? Well, it is well known that cats can sleep anywhere. Cats are found in the most unlikely of places.

But they also like it when they have their own cat bed to retreat to on a regular basis. But what do you have to pay attention to when you want to buy a new cat bed for your pet? Below are a few things to consider when shopping for a cat bed.

Comfort for your cat

Are you looking for the perfect cat bed for your house cat? Every cat needs a warm, comfortable place to sleep. After all, cats spend most of the day sleeping, so they need a place where they can do so undisturbed.

It is good to buy a product that is made of good materials so that the cats really have all the comforts at their disposal. Specifically, consider a cat bed that has a memory foam bottom. This carefully molds to the shape of the cat, giving it a nice space of its own. Your cat will be very thankful to lie on such a nice soft bed!

A cat bed has to feel safe

Cats may be tough fighters, but they're still small animals. Cats are always looking for a place where they feel safe. A place where they can sleep peacefully without fear of being attacked.

You can react to this by giving your cat a basket that it can not only lie down in, but also crawl into. A basket made of sturdy material in which the little tigers can snuggle up in peace. It is also important that you place the cat bed in a safe place. The middle of the room isn't the best spot, because your cat won't curl up there for beauty sleep easily...

The cat bed must be easy to maintain

We all know that cats are clean animals. They spend a large part of the day washing themselves and will look offended if anything else is suggested to them.

Nevertheless, an accident can always happen, or the cat bed becomes less clean due to long use. Then it is important to have a basket that is easy to keep clean.

You can choose, among other things, a basket with removable covers or one that you can simply throw in the washing machine and the covers will be like new again.You can also swap out the covers from time to time to transform the interior! Handy, isn't it?

How big should the cat bed actually be?

When you buy a basket or cat bed for your cat, it is important that it is big enough. Your cat can curl up well and fit into the most awkward little corners, but it's nice if the basket is big is enough. Cats love to have a nice stretch, and that's not possible when they're lying in a basket they can barely roll into! However, the bed must not be too big, otherwise they will feel uncomfortable.

How do I find the best cat bed for MY cat?

If your cat sleeps in strange places or on strange objects, it may be because she doesn't have a sleeping pad she likes in a place she wants to sleep on.

Russell Hartstein, a board-certified pet behavior therapist with 25 years of experience, says, "Often, cats sleep in weird places when they don't have a bed or space they prefer." So having the right cat bed in the perfect spot can help help your cat stop sleeping in weird places.

To find the type of bed your cat prefers, consider the following:

Observe their behavior: Observe where and how your cat sleeps. If she curls up in a ball, they're looking for a round bed. If your cat hunches under a laundry basket or often sits under a chair, you might want to try a cave bed. If she's stretching out on a window sill or a sofa cushion, a mat might be the best solution.

"Part of the fun of parenting a pet is experimenting with what the family member likes," says Hartstein.

And if one style doesn't work, you can always try another.

Consider the size of the bed: Depending on your cat's sleeping habits, their bed should either be big enough for them to stretch out or small enough for them to curl up comfortably and feel secure.

If your cat prefers to lounge outdoors, look for a bed that is as long as her body (minus the tail), about 18-20 cm long.

If she prefers to curl up, a round bolster or den bed at least 6 inches in diameter is a good choice. But don't shy away from larger beds that are enclosed, as they offer the security some cats prefer and the ability to stretch out when needed. And if your cat is a large breed, e.g. a British Shorthair or Maine Coon, a larger bed is always better.

Choose natural materials to start with: Cats have sensitive noses, so you should opt for natural materials like cotton, wool or unbleached linens, which breathe better than synthetic ones and less have chemical odors.

If your cat is exposed to synthetic materials such as B. Plush polyester, which is popular for pet beds, is not deterred, feel free to experiment if your budget allows.

Our recommendation is the Kahume cat bed made of natural cotton:

Keep an eye on comfort: Consider your cat's mobility level and life stage. In particular, an older cat will need a thicker, orthopedic bed with a low entry lip, while a young cat will not.

Make sure it's easy to clean: To save your nerves, you should buy a cat bed that can be machine washed. You should follow the care instructions carefully, because even the smallest changes in the washing machine or dryer can cause a cat bed to wrinkle or tear.

Where to put a cat bed: Your cat's favorite sleeping spot can provide clues as to where you should put a cat bed. If your kitten frequently sleeps near a sunny window, near a warm floor vent, or on the highest perch in a cat apartment, consider placing the bed in these spots. Don't forget to measure the room to make sure the bed will fit.

We also want the basket to look nice!

We love our cats and want them to be happy.

But we also have to deal with our own desires. If you have a nice facility and put an ugly cat bed in there that doesn't fit at all, that wouldn't be nice.

That's why we at Kahume produce products that are eye-catchers in every room. After all, you want your cat furniture to look pretty, right?

We have products that find a good place in every possible environment. Take a look at our range to see the wide range of colors and styles we sell.

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